Sunday, January 19, 2014


This project aims to develop and to design a smart home system by sending short message service (SMS) via global system for mobile communication (GSM modem) to invent the security system for home owners. The concept of smart home is an emerging issue to the modern technology dependent society. Remote control technologies are widely used to control household electronic appliances without walking up to them. Controlling household appliances through computer can also be a possible solution. However, it cannot fulfill the current demand which is to control them from remote places. The advantages of cellular communications like GSM technology is a potential solution for such remote controlling activities. GSM and SMS technology can be used to control household appliances from remote places. GSM modem was used for receiving SMS from user’s mobile phone that automatically enable the controller to take any further action such as to switch ON and OFF the home appliances such as light, air- conditioner, and fan. The objective of this project is to enable users to remotely control their home appliances and systems using a cell phone-based interface.  To access the control unit, the user should send an authentication code along with the required/desired function/action to his/her home control system via GSM.  Upon being properly authenticated, the cell phone-based interface at home (control unit) would relay the commands to a microcontroller that would perform the required function/action, and return a function completion code that would be sent to the source of the original command (user’s cell phone). There is also some feature which send the sms to the user when there ocur abnormal event in house like firing and theif..
GSM Based Smart Home System
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Photometer With Light Automation

Today’s   world is rapidly switching into the automatic world. Human man power should be replaced by machine. The street and others light we use today should be switched by man.  If it has not switched timely it may lead to the some serious problem and also cause great loss of power. Light intensity takes the great role in this field. In chemical lab and in the study of photometry light intensity should be measured timely. Our project “Photometer with light automation” will be the building block to overcome this issue. This project will be helpful for determining the current time intensity value through which the lighting system will be controlled. We can switch the light at the any desire value of light intensity through microcontroller.
Photometer with light automation-Block diagram

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Today's Society

I want to tell u about the fact that we are doing in this society. Today we are achieving major and huge thing but we are not caring about the thing made by the major thing totally. We have larger buildings but smaller think. We totally loss the co-operation, sociality and many more. In the name of development we totally loose our social life. In the name of personality we are walking 2 km distance by giving the name morning walk and besides that we are travelling 1 km distance by vehicle. But the fact is that what we are doing in fact. We don’t know about our nearest relative besides we are going to make many friends (friendship). It is not right. We are talking about to change the society but not ourselves. Nowadays our life is like the life inside boundary. We are making larger partition with our relative physically and mentally too. We don’t know about the people next room also. Changing the society is not so easy,  first of all we should think about ourselves that we are right or not. Our feet are either in the progressive or not. Our each step makes the base for building of nation or not.  First of all, this is the  problem of city. But now it becomes the great evil for our village too. City has all the facility so they can leave independently too but our village as the lack of facility we can't leave independently we need the help of each other in each and every step of our life. Due to the lack of machine we should replace them with the unity of human muscles. Even money cannot do anything at that moment. But now we are copying the style of city without knowing where we are and what we have and not. Now a day we people are so busy that we don't have a time with our family. We are making huge wall around our house to preventing from enemies but we don’t care that we are also closing the many path to exit from our house. Today we have bigger houses and smaller families More conveniences , but less time. We Have More degrees, but less common sense. More knowledge , but less judgment. We have more experts, but more problems. More medicine, but less wellness. Life is a race, everyone know it but we should not push other to win the race physically. Everyone think to make their bright future but such future will not be bright where there is not respect of competitors.
-Kamal Pokharel